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Ambient custards

Vegan, organic and natural desserts!

Sojade’s tasty organic French soya desserts, which can be found in the long life desserts aisle of your organic or health food store, will get you through the day! Not only are these organic soya desserts delicious but also they bring many nutritional benefits. All of our recipes are created using organic French soya, which has the nutritional benefit of being both high in protein and low in fat.

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Organic French soya for your long life desserts

To prolong your pleasure, we have created a range of long life desserts available in 530g. Made from GMO-free organic French soya, each ingredient in our recipes has been carefully selected. The chocolate and coffee we use are 100% fairtrade, to ensure that all of our partners receive a fair price. These products are good for our producers, for you, for the planet and a real treat for your taste buds!

Our ambient custards

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