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Cream alternatives



Add a splash of organic soya cooking cream to your recipes

Always there to elevate your dishes with a natural, plant-based delicious note, this cream alternative is perfect for your sauces. For adding flavour to your pasta dishes, making the filling for your quiches, or even for adding the final touch to your gratins… Much more than just a simple store cupboard ingredient, it will become the must-have ingredient for your healthy gourmet dishes! Made of organic GMO-free French soya, this product is the healthy supplement that has been missing from your daily diet.

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The benefits of soya in all of your dishes

Sojade’s products are the perfect addition to your homemade dishes. Therefore, we are producing a 20 cl cream alternative concentrating all the benefits of organic French soya to help you create culinary masterpieces.

This delicious product is sugar-free and high in Omega 3. Indeed, this helps maintaining a healthy blood pressure and with the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, cerebral, inflammatory and even hormonal systems. In addition, gluten-free organic soya is also the perfect product for people who are intolerant, allergic or very sensitive to gluten.

Our brand will help you to be in control of your plant-based intake!

Healthy, natural and simple

Made in Brittany from dehulled and ground organic French soya beans, it is guaranteed carrageenan-free, yet is often used as a thickening agent in the agri-food industry. We guarantee that our products are healthy and natural. As good for the body as they are for your taste buds!

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No mystery ingredients: just the benefits of organic French soya. All of our products offer real benefits for your well-being and health!

Our cream alternatives

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