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Our history

Our history: over the last 20 years, how have Sojade products become an ingredient of choice in your cooking?
Our story is too beautiful to remain untold.

It all started in 2002, in a small Breton company first established in 1951.

A pioneering and committed family-run business

Our story began when Olga Triballat – whose first name became the name of the company when it was renamed in 2022 – purchased the small local cheese shop that had opened its doors in Noyal-sur Vilaine, in 1873 in Brittany. For 20 years, the Noyal dairy concentrated on developing its markets in Brittany, then France-wide. This growth was made possible by diversifying its production but always with “tradition and innovation” at its heart. Tradition is upheld by staying true to our heritage of quality products. Innovation is embraced through the exploration of new healthy living and environmentally friendly markets.

Thus, in the 1970s, the company shifted towards more environmentally-friendly farming practices, paving the way in the organic products market. It also helped to draw up and implement specifications regarding future AB certification. This logical initiative was introduced by the parents of the current CEO Olivier Clanchin, Françoise and Jean Clanchin (managers at that time), heirs of the Triballat family. It was seen as the right and wise choice. Therefore, they formed partnerships with farmers and craftsmen who were already working on alternative farming and food industry solutions.

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What about Sojade?

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In addition to its nutritional qualities, the soya plant has a bright future due to its environmentally-friendly cultivation. Back then, these qualities caught the eye of Mr. and Mrs Clanchin, keen to grow the company based on their core values of exploration and innovation. Then, soya became the natural alternative of choice. The company had the revolutionary idea of using its dairy experience to transform this small seed grown in France in compliance with the strict specifications governing Organic Farming.

Sojade was born, with the aim of offering consumers of organic brands products made from 100% organic soya, both healthy and tasty. Initially exclusive to the chilled desserts aisle in organic stores, Sojade then expanded its range to include long life drinks and desserts. In 2022, Sojade celebrated 20 years in business and its place in the daily lives of many French and European consumers.

And so grew the small Breton family business and creator of the brand. Our ambition is to expand our range of plant-based products even further!

Sojade, a brand committed to the future

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In harmony with its environment, Sojade, created by a family-run company, was championing sustainable development within its business activities long before it became a trend. The Breton brand illustrates a global sustainable development initiative that considers environmental and ecological impact.

This initiative is based largely on the management of the entire organic French soya sector and the GMO-free guarantee. Our R&D team is also working daily to optimise the nutritional and dietary value of our products. Lastly, the use of green fuel for our lorries and the use of renewable energies (wind and solar) also form part of this initiative.

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