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Our expertise

Our expetise is using a unique and natural manufacturing process. Since 2002, we have been developing delicious soya products and working for the sector.

Experts in organic farming

We regularly visit our soya suppliers. Our 4 main growing areas are based in the Rhine Valley, the Rhone Valley, Burgundy and the South-West of France. The farmers who produce our soya belong to cooperatives or trades. They work to improve the quality of organic French soya. Therefore, the soya sector developed about thirty years ago now has a dozen suppliers. Most of whom we have been working closely with for over 10 years.

Working daily with our long-term French supplier partners, we have built a relationship of trust, and closely monitor crops. We work with farmers and storage firms to select seeds that meet our stringent specifications. We have also established a control chart that we use to perform annual checks of the efficiency of controls at each stage of the chain: traceability tests, document inspections, etc.

This is how we manage all aspects of our soya sector. We certify each of our ingredients and conduct analyses at every step. And all this so that we can guarantee 100% organic French soya and GMO-free (<0.1%) products. They are also certified Identity Preserved, which guarantees a compliance with strict traceability procedures by all those involved in the chain.

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Soya transformation steps

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les étapies de transformation du soja

Soya transformation involves 4 key steps and true expertise

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Seeds: Guarantees from seed producers, analyses, cultivation and harvesting directives

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Cultivating, harvesting and storing seeds: We conduct analyses at every step of the soybean seed lifecycle, in order to validate management of the step.

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To manufacture our soya products, we use a transformation process that respects the quality of the soya. Indeed, we draw spring water from a depth of 90 m. The result is our guarantee of each ingredient and the analyses of end products.

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Transportation: all of our drivers who distribute our products are trained in eco-driving. We favour the use of B30, a biofuel made from French rape, which is better for the planet.

Focusing on taste for success

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Préparation de fruits Sojade

At Sojade, we roll up our sleeves and don our aprons to create recipes that really champion our products, expertly preserving all of their benefits and their unique flavours. For enhanced flavour, we let the ingredients speak for themselves, using less sugar and less flavourings in favour of natural ingredients.

And because the best fruit desserts are made in traditional cooking pots, we call upon the expertise of our “Les Prairies Savoyardes” site, which stews 100% of our fruit preparations using traditional methods.

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