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A new identity

Simplicity and modernity

As new dietary trends are emerging, Sojade has created a new identity for itself to celebrate 20 years in business.

Its logo’s single green tone gives it an ethereal quality. The messages have been reworded to increase visibility. The idea is promoting Sojade’s yoghurt alternatives, drinks, cream alternative ambient custards, made exclusively with organic French soya.

A gauge of commitment and transparency, we now proudly share our Planet-Score as proof of the low environmental impact of our products, with all of our yoghurt alternatives scoring AAA.

The new Nutri-score attests to the excellent nutritional quality of products.

At Sojade, we have devoted 20 years to producing healthy and balanced plant-based foodstuffs. If you want to know more, Click HERE to read about our commitments.

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Sojade 2022 graphic redesign

New charter, new packaging

Natural, No Added Sugar, or Greek-style, new design for the range of organic soya yoghurt alternatives, desserts and drinks, adopting personalized lids and backs of packs advocating transparency and providing comprehensive information about these delicious products.

Click HERE to view the entire range.


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